Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Tomasik partners with parents and children to develop good oral hygiene habits that foster lifelong dental health. Children should have their first dental visit as young as one year old, then six-month checkups thereafter. Cleanings usually begin by age four or five. We’ll help you teach your children the same important oral healthcare techniques and habits that you institute in your own life. Prevention is the key to good oral health, along with daily brushing and flossing, a healthy diet, and regular exams and cleanings.

The Very First Dental Visit

It always helps to know what to expect before any new experience, and a first visit to the dentist is no different. We want to help your little ones learn that the dentist’s office is a fun place full of friends who help them stay healthy.

The dental hygienist and dentist will examine your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums. At this time it may be necessary to evaluate adverse effects of thumb sucking or other oral habits. We will also show you and your child the best methods for cleaning teeth and gums.

Sealants Prevent Tooth Decay

Sealants are a clear, safe, plastic coating applied to molars. They form a barrier between tooth enamel and harmful sugars and starches to offer extra protection against tooth decay during those early, cavity-prone years. After Dr. Tomasik thoroughly cleans each tooth, he applies a brushed-on clear plastic coating that has a hardening agent.

Topical Fluoride Protects Young Teeth

Topical fluoride is a concentrated dose of fluoride applied by Dr. Tomasik or one of our dental hygienists. A naturally occurring mineral that attracts other minerals, fluoride strengthens teeth against decay. Though most people get enough fluoride in their drinking water, many babies and children drink non-fluoridated bottled water.

The Membership Plan

No Insurance? No Problem!

Have you avoided the dentist because you couldn’t afford your visit? You’ll love our Membership Plan.


“Best dental office ever! Best service, best technology, and best dentists! My whole family goes here including my 5 yr old and my 68 yr old mother. They take dental insurance but also work with patients that are without. I recommend them to all of my friends and neighbors.”


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