11 School Lunch and Snack Ideas That Your Kids Will Actually Eat


Does School Lunch Have You Stressed Out?

Let’s face it. Many kids are picky eaters. It can be challenging to get kids to eat healthy and nutritious snacks, especially when they are at school and left to make decisions for themselves. So how can parents feel good about what their kids are eating? Check out our list of 11 school lunch and tooth-friendly snack ideas that will have your kids asking for more.

Tooth-friendly Snacks and Lunch Options to Add to Your Child’s Lunchbox

We all know that carrots, celery, and apples are good for your teeth. That crunchy texture can actually help clean your child’s teeth by removing sticky particles. But you can only eat so many carrots, apples, and sticks of celery before you’re ready for something different. Here are a few other tooth-friendly and healthy lunch options to add to your child’s lunchbox.

  1. Avocado toast grilled cheese – Most kids love grilled cheese sandwiches, and who doesn’t love a little creamy avocado as an addition? Check out this fun avocado toast grilled cheese recipe and toss a cooled sandwich in for your child’s next school lunch.
  2. Charcuterie bag – If your kid likes lunch meats and cheeses, why not put together a mobile charcuterie bag? Throw in some slices of salami, cheddar cheese, some healthy nuts, and whatever other meats and cheeses their heart desires. Whenever possible, purchase meats directly from the deli counter to avoid additional sodium.
  3. Cinnamon apple rounds – An apple a day can keep the doctor away, and it can also ensure your child doesn’t need to visit the dentist more than twice a year. Slice apples into rounds, then slather on peanut butter and sprinkle with cinnamon or raisins. Should your child have a peanut allergy, consider another nut butter as an alternative.
  4. Ants on a log – Similar to the concept of the cinnamon apple rounds, ants on a log are a favorite that spans generations. Provided your child doesn’t have a nut allergy or attend a peanut-free school, slice up some celery sticks, add peanut butter, and sprinkle with raisins. Your child will appreciate this tasty and filling low-calorie snack.
  5. Homemade granola bars – Baking with your kids can be an excellent bonding and learning experience. Check out this recipe for one of our favorite homemade granola bars and give it a try at home.
  6. Zollipops – Many kids have a sweet tooth, but too much sugar can lead to tooth decay. If your kid has a craving for something sweet, hand them a Zollipop. They’ll never know that these sweet candies are tooth-friendly and good for them. And, Zollipops are just one of many treats that can help protect your child’s smile from a sweet tooth.
  7. Cheese sticks – Mozzarella cheese sticks have been popular with young kids and adults alike for decades. And milk is great for your child’s teeth and body. So don’t feel guilty the next time you add a string cheese stick to your child’s lunch.
  8. Pita chips – If your child likes a crunchy snack, try giving them pita chips instead of salty potato chips. Experiment with whole grain pita chips and a side of hummus, guacamole, or a yogurt-based ranch dip. Pita chips make a great substitution for popcorn too as popcorn kernels can easily get stuck in the gums and between the teeth.
  9. Bread and jelly – Since bread is a good source of fiber and protein, it is an important element of your child’s diet. Grains provide nutrients and energy that help your child with normal growth and development. Try cutting whole wheat bread into fun shapes with a large cookie cutter, and spread on some homemade sugar-free jam.
  10. Cream cheese and cucumber finger sandwiches – Who says finger sandwiches are only for a party? Spend some quality time in the kitchen with your school-aged child making these fun mini sandwiches. Cut bread down to the desired size, spread with low-fat cream cheese, and place a nice round slice of cucumber in between the slices. Don’t be surprised if your kid comes home from school asking for more the next day.
  11. Infused water – No school lunch is complete without a beverage to wash it all down. And though water is essential for good health, many kids don’t like the taste of plain water. The Tomasik Family Dental team suggests infused water where you can add fresh lemon juice, cucumber slices, or even a pinch of your favorite spices to really spice things up and add flavor. Infused water is just one of our recommended summer treats that is good all year long.

Don’t forget to schedule your child’s dental cleaning with Tomasik Family Dental.

If you live in the area in or around Bee Cave, Texas, then be sure to request an appointment for your child’s next dental cleaning. Seeing your family dentist every six months can help prevent a host of oral health concerns. Even better, help your child to combine a good oral hygiene routine at home with regular visits to the dentist and good school lunch and tooth-friendy snack ideas. Their teeth and smile will reap the benefits.

Whether it is your child’s first dental visit to Tomasik Family Dental or we’ve been seeing them for years, we look forward to your next visit.