5 Ways Dental Technology Improves Your Dental Experience


Cutting-edge dental technology helps dentists give you the best care available.

When was the last time you went an entire day without using technology? It’s likely been a long time—if you can even remember the last time you went without it at all. Technology has made its way into countless aspects of our daily lives, providing entertainment, making our roads safer, and improving medical treatments.

This is just as true for dentistry as it is for other areas of our lives. Dental technology is always changing and improving, so finding a dentist who uses cutting-edge technology shows they have a dedication to continuing to learn about effective, modern treatments. It’s a great way to tell they’re committed to giving you the best care they can. After all, advanced dental technology improves your experience at the dentist as well as your treatment results. This can make all the difference if dental appointments make you anxious—and it helps ensure you leave our office with a healthier, more confident smile.

Here are 5 ways dental technology can improve your experience at the dentist.

1. You have access to quick, accurate diagnoses.

Advances like digital X-rays have eliminated the need for you to sit around waiting for the film of your X-ray to develop. Instead, a clear, detailed X-ray of your teeth appears on our computer screen right away, allowing Dr. Tomasik to examine and identify the problem immediately. When necessary, we can even use our Cone Beam CT system to take panoramic or 3D X-rays of your teeth. This provides Dr. Tomasik with a detailed image of your teeth, their supporting structures, and your jawbone, making it useful for both quick diagnoses and planning treatments like the placement of dental implants. In addition to this efficiency and speed, digital X-rays also expose you to less radiation than traditional film X-rays do.

2. You have more treatment options.

Over the decades, improvements in technology have made a wider range of treatment options available to patients. Whether you’re choosing the type of filling you’d like or deciding how to repair chipped, cracked, or stained teeth, there are usually multiple options for you to choose from, including dental bonding, veneers, or dental crowns. Even when you lose one or more teeth, you have plenty of treatment options. You can choose to replace them with a bridge, partial dentures, full dentures, or implants, which themselves can be topped with a single crown, a bridge, or dentures. This ensures that you’re able to find an option that fits your unique treatment needs, restoring the health and appearance of your teeth without blowing your budget.

3. Your treatment saves you time and money.

Technology has also improved the treatment process by cutting down on the time it takes for you to receive treatments. For example, dental crowns generally take two visits over the course of several weeks because they need to be milled in an outside lab. Same day crowns, however, cut this treatment time down to a single dental visit. Our Cerec PrimeScan allows our dental team to design and mill your permanent crown right in our office in about an hour. Dr. Tomasik can then place your crown right away. Similarly, Dr. Tomasik can sometimes even place the implants for your new dentures and secure your dentures in place on the same day he removes your diseased teeth, sending you home with a new, beautiful smile in just a single trip to our office!

By cutting down on treatment times, dental technology often also saves you money. If your dental insurance has copays, you’ll have to pay fewer of them to receive your treatment. You’ll also have to take less time off work to receive treatment. Plus, as technology improves and makes treatments more accessible, it often also lowers treatment costs for dentists and patients alike.

4. You experience increased comfort during and after your treatment.

Dental technology doesn’t just make treatments faster; it also keeps you more comfortable throughout the treatment process. Same day crowns are a good example of this in many ways. When Dr. Tomasik designs your same day crown, he uses Cerec PrimeScan to take a digital scan of your teeth—no putty impressions necessary! The tool used to scan your teeth is a small wand about the size of an electric toothbrush, which captures high-quality 3D images of your teeth when Dr. Tomasik hovers it over them. The entire process is quick, easy, and comfortable and creates a high-quality digital model of your teeth and bite that Dr. Tomasik uses to design a crown that fits naturally and comfortably.

Same day crowns also cut out the need for a temporary crown, which is often uncomfortable. Completing the process in a single visit also means you’ll only need anesthetic shots, as well as the awkward fat-lip sensation and mild soreness after the procedure is complete, once instead of twice. Additionally, dental lasers, which can be used to fill cavities or perform surgery on gum tissue, require little to no anesthetics and don’t produce vibrations. This often makes patients more comfortable and can help reduce some people’s anxiety while they’re getting their cavities filled.

5. You often experience better results and faster healing times.

One of the major benefits of these technological advances is that they also provide you with better results and faster healing times. For example, the accurate 3D model created by Cerec PrimeScan allows Dr. Tomasik to see how your new same day crown will interact with the teeth next to it and your bite as a whole. As a result, he’s able to design a crown that fits naturally and comfortably into your bite. Additionally, dental lasers are very precise and target decay, so they require Dr. Tomasik to remove less healthy tooth structure or gum material than he’d have to with traditional dental tools. This is better for your long-term oral health and helps produce results that look better. Dental lasers are more comfortable for you and also sterilize the area. This lowers your chances of getting an infection and helps your body heal faster.

Take advantage of dental technology’s benefits.

Advanced dental technology provides you with a wide range of benefits that can help keep you more comfortable and relaxed as you obtain healthier teeth and gums. If you’re looking for a “dentist near me” who utilizes advanced dental technology to give you great results, you can call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Tomasik at any time.